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The costs of some common treatments are given below. However, we will be happy to supply you with a precise estimate on request after an initial examination.

New Patient Examination€50
Routine Examination€40
Simple scaling & polishing - hygienist€70
Tooth whitening home system - upper and lower complete€260
Orthodontic treatment (Upper and Lower fixed appliances)€3,500
Simple white filling front tooth€100
Complex white filling front tooth€130 - €160
White filling back tooth€100 - €160
Metal filling back tooth€100
Pin retained filling€120 - €160
Restoration of edge of front tooth€120 - €160
Simple extraction€120
Surgical Extraction€130 - €180
Root Canal Treatment€380 - €600
Metal ceramic crown€750
All ceramic crown€750
Porcelain veneer - single case€650
Porcelain veneer - multiple case per veneer€550
Implant with abutment and crown complete€2,400
Multiple implant case per unitfrom €1,950
Set of complete upper and lower Dentures€1,100
Partial Acrylic Denture€450
Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture€950


At Blackrock Dental we offer our patients a Practice Plan which allows you to spread the cost of the dental examination & hygiene treatments over 12 months. The Practice Plan also entitles you to a range of other benefits:

  • Free dental examination and hygiene treatment on joining
  • Discount of 20% on crowns, bridges, fillings, bleaching
  • Discount of 10% on other items
  • Free annual check-ups for dependants of members under 10 years of age
  • Discounted orthodontic treatment for dependants of members

How do I claim the other benefits?

There is nothing for you to do once you are a member! Discounts are applied automatically.

How do I become a member?

Complete application form and set up bank standing order. We supply the forms.

What is the cost?

PRSI qualified: €12 per month. PRSI not qualified: €15 per month

How long before I can claim discount for a filling or other treatment such as a crown?

You can claim straight away.

What about a family plan?

There is no family plan as such, but dependants of members are entitled to discounted orthodontic treatment and (if they are under 10) to a free annual check-up.


If you need extensive or complex treatment, please allow us to cost it for you. Costs in Ireland are falling and you will find that we can now compete with overseas clinics much more closely on price. Our Consultation, Report and Estimate Fee is €50.

Having your treatment close to where you live has many advantages:

  • You have no travel or accommodation costs
  • Staying close to home will saves you travel time, especially if multiple visits are required
  • If the treatment is complicated, there is no pressure to rush the work
  • If there are any complications, they can easily be dealt with
  • There is a long term commitment to your welfare